our dearest bubi

thank you for coming into our life. it’s only 5 weeks ago that we knew we had you, when the test pack showed two stripes….

thank you, bubi

thank you for teaching us many things in such a short period, bubi. we will surely miss you. rest in peace.

a tiny spot in the womb

today marks the best two months we’ve ever had. things went really well after the vow. the honeydays, the one-month-living-together, and now back-to-the-LDR phase. and…

our fun and memorable wedding

as promised, we have uploaded some of our super-duper-ultra happy wedding pics *ok.. ok.. we know.. it’s ‘a little bit’ late*. we decided to have…

the episode of first home

just one day after we went back from the honeydays, we moved to a little place in central jakarta. never thought that we would enjoy…