had a bad day..

i believe, some of us must experienced a bad day in our life (some are more.. i guess :p). i had some, and yesterday was one of them. then, i was listening this song a couple times before i went to bed and amazingly, it cured me a lot. it’s sung by daniel powter. since i’ve never heard his name before, at the first time.. i thought it’s harry potter.. :P. i like his music, i think it’s because of the rhythm and also some of the lyrics. it’s quite encouraging and could makes you get rid of your problems for a while.. and hopefully.. for good.

sometimes the system goes on the blink
and the whole thing turns out wrong
you might not make it back and you know
that you could be well oh that strong
and i’m not wrong

bad day – daniel powter

though.. most of the healing parts were coming from my best friends… thank you yaaaaaaaaak!! ntar kapan-kapan.. gantian laah!).

music and lyric can be downloaded here and the image was taken from here