here i am

here i am..
new “place”.. new challenges.. new life ( i hope). yet, in some cases this country is not changing.. seems similar when i left 1.5 years ago.. the wind.. the weather.. the yellow train.. the strippen kart.. the bus.. the food.. the spa blauw.. the coffee.. the bike.. the people.. the patat-met-mayo.. the procedures.. etc. i also entered my former apartment.. which still has same smell.. same ”spirit”.. and suddenly, the memories appeared.. gossh..

for sure.. it’s the old place with new life.. and i have to make it different with the previous ones. and after all these years.. i still could not find what-so-called ”home”, i wish (i hope) i can find it here.

it’s a new world – it’s a new start
it’s alive with the beating of young hearts
it’s a new day – it’s a new plan
i’ve been waiting for (you)
here i am

here i am – bryan adams

gak tau.. tiba-tiba aja.. pengen dengerin lagu itu.. hehe
wish me luck..