ini belanda.. bung!!

di sebuah kantor pemerintahan – utrecht…

the front desk guy (him) : hey you two.. take these passports.. and wait there..
us : why?
him : just sit there.. and i will call you later..

after 15 minutes..

me: why we should wait? our numbers are 80 and 81.. so.. it should be our turn now..
him : indonesian.. indonesian.. kenapa sih selalu gak sabar..
me : (dalam hati) dodol.. dia bisa bahasa indonesia.. lagian.. gue kan gak melakukan kesalahan apapun..
him: sini paspor kalian.. saya gak boleh bicara dalam bahasa indonesia.. so i will speak english..
my friend: bisa bahasa indonesia toh..
him: yup.. i’m a half-blood indonesian.. my mother is from denmark. i live here since 4 years old.. and i can speak french, spain and dutch.. bla.. bla.. bla

dan dia mulai curhat.. soal keluarganya.. soal belanda.. and later on…

him: i have no relationship now.. i had a girlfriend for 4 years.. then we broke up.. it’s boring.. then a boyfriend for 2 years.. it was also boring.. and now.. i am alone. i usually never like indonesian. but this recent years, i started to like them (maksud looo???).. bla.. bla .. bla..
us: hmm ok..
him: do you have relationship?
me: hmm… (menggumam abis)
him: and you?
my friend: hmm.. yea.. it’s kinda floating (ekekeke.. apaan tuh???)

dan dia lanjut curhat lagi..

him: ok.. it’s done.. just wait there.. and i will give your passports after this..
us: ok..

setengah jam…

him: here you go.. and this is my phone number.. if you guys want to hanging around.. just contact me.. saya akan ajak kalian jalan-jalan dan tunjukan tempat-tempat bagus.. ok?
us : ok.. thanks.. (speechless)

hmm.. welcome to holland.. a place without barrier for anything…