week 7|2008 (BLOF – alles is liefde)

my favorite dutch band is … BLOF *favorite? wow.. it’s quite amazing, since it’s difficult (for me) to find a dutch band or singer that can makes me into them, hehehe*. my friends say that their lyric is a bit different from others, kinda more poetic *well.. i don’t really understand.. anyway.. hahaha*.

first time i knew them was in 2003, when they made collaboration with counting crows, and released Holiday in Spain *it’s a must hear song!!*. then, in 2006, i (again) fell in love with their single Aanzoek Zonder Ringen *words are not enough to describe this song*. each of them, has their own history during my stays in holland.

i’ve never had a chance to see their concert, hopefully in may 23rd *this year!!* i can see their performance in utrecht. 😀

anyway.. it’s their another single, Alles is Liefde (everything is love), which is also a soundtrack for a movie with the same title. i love it! enjoy guys!