e-NGO and coffee

how’s the relation of coffee companies and environmental NGOs?

few years ago, WWF, through their research in lampung warned the coffee lovers that some of their drinking coffee were illegally grown inside one of the world’s most important national parks for tigers, elephants and rhinos. their research findings showed that the encroachment in the national park for agriculture purpose (in this case mostly dominated by coffee) was the most serious thread for the biodiversity of the park. however, still they asked the international roasters and traders to continue to buy robusta coffee from lampung, sumatra, but develop and implement rigorous chain of custody controls that will exclude all illegal, and unsustainably grown coffee, from the supply chain.

while, since 1998, another big international NGO, conservation international also has been working closely with starbucks, as the company sources its premium coffee from the very regions CI work to preserve, including the small coffee farms in chiapas, mexico. together they launched a three-year program encouraging coffee growers in chiapas to continue their sustainable farming practices. in return, they received technical assistance from CI’s field staff and Starbucks became a dependable buyer of the farmers’ beans. recently, they renewed their cooperation with more hot issue facing today, which is global warming and deforestation.

in the next earth day (22 of april), every cup of coffee you purchase from starbucks will be donated 5 dollar cent to CI and will be used for reforestation in chiapas, mexico.

yup.. another “smart” point of marketing from starbucks.

image source: http://www.conservation.org/