what do you feel today?


when i decided to write this post *wait.. no.. to be precise: when i decided to think about writing this*, at a sudden, i experienced a tired-but-happy feeling in my mind. yeah, for the last two months my life was only about traveling. started from berau, went back home to bogor, visiting my other half in bandung, and continued to my other ‘home’ in utrecht. many things have happened and many feelings have occurred.

first, the feeling of ah-i-forgot-that-i-have-another-life grabbed me when i packed all my things in my nice room in berau. having such an amazing experience for more than 3 months in berau made me ‘enjoying’ my life there. many things were involved, from the struggle of research to other people’s personal problems. it’s worth, anyway. and i left berau with lots of good memories about my ‘new family’ there. *i’ll visit you again. it’s a promise*.

second, the feeling of i-am-home, when i arrived in bogor. later, i was spoiled with all the good foods provided by mom. everyday, for almost one month *check the belly*. you know mom, i love you more and more. so does pap.

third, the feeling of she-is-the-one, when i visited her in bandung. yup.. i have my other half now. no need to give more comments. just talk to my lawyer. *grin*

fourth, the feeling of yes-finally-we-did-it, when bentang told us that they will publish our first novel at the end of march. then, it was only busy but happy days. finishing the draft, promotion thingy, teaser, facebook *thanks guys.. we have reached more than 1000 members* and interviews *well… 😛*. i think, four of us have the similar waiting-for-the-baby feeling now.

fifth,the feeling of i-would-die-for-you-as-long-as-you-are-mine, when i saw this. and yes.. i finally have it. yet, there’s no such a free lunch, right? *hare gini gitu loh* so, here i am.. enslave myself for this white thing.

sixth, the feeling of uh-i-only-have-limited-time, when i opened my room at the university. the day i arrived in utrecht, i was faced with the facts that i only have one year to finish my thesis *yup, including all the data entry and analysis*. panic? of course!!!! aarrggh.

and today, the feeling of i-love-my-life when i finished writing about my experiences and feelings for the last two months.

so.. what do you feel today?

image courtesy of kevin labianco