money does (not) matter

website movimentoi love taking photograph. recently, i always mention photography when someone asking about my interest, my activities or my hobbies. as a beginner (and amateur) photographer, never crossed in my mind to use my photos for commercial purposes *ok… to be honest.. sometimes.. hehe* .

so, when someone asks, i usually give them for free. in particular if it is used to support the local community, environment, charity, best friend’s business, or just for a personal gallery. it is an honor for me if my photographs are useful for the others.

today, a media company from germany, which has their office in the netherlands, has launched some of my photographs in their website. as a commercial company, their works mostly on the international commercial and in house documentaries production. when they asked, i was impressed with their vision on global development and sustainable co-operation between north-south issues. and i.. again.. feel honored to have my contribution to their actions.

previously, a best friend of mine, wiwin, used some of my photographs for her business. as mentioned in the previous post, it was such a great compliment for me to joining hers. and after few months, some of them are selected in her indonesia agenda 2009. cool, huh?! iya dong!

some other day, i found a website from berau *one of the most beautiful places in indonesia!!!* uses my photographs for their web-header. and for that, i am proud that i can give a small contribution to berau. *thanks awir, to put my name in the credit. if you need more then just let me know*. and the other day, i visited a local office in berau. then, i found my photographs from multiply was put as walpaper in one of their computers. hahaha. i couldn’t give any comment and just praise the picture. *yeah.. who else will do that.. hahaha*

so, money sometimes does not matter. satisfaction comes from the heart and comes when you are appreciated for your works. in particular, if the aim of using your photographs is fit with your idealism.

so.. anyone want to use my photographs? feel free to ask. but.. note to your self:  when it comes for the pure commercial business, then i guess the ‘free thing’ will be diminished. hahaha… sorry.