a-not-so-pre-wedding moment

did you know that we have less than 10 pics of only both of us in one frame? (well.. mbul has no tripod, and we just don’t like to have an ‘alay’ or a pre-teenager pose with camera in hand and 45 degrees above head to show our ‘cute’ and big faces). last month, we asked our very best friend, armelo, to take some shots during our trip in bandung. fasting and bad weather did not stop us to create those pictures. even, we made so many ‘crazy’ and unusual pictures there. that was fun, though!

anyway, we will only share a few of them (the ‘normal’ ones!), because others are inappropriate to share here. haha. let’s wait until armelo finished the editing (yes, we’re not professional models, thus an advanced editing is heavily needed) and we will post them as soon as possible.

and you know.. we hate this kind ‘pointing-the-future’ pose.. but we have no idea why mbul still did it. sigh.