thailand honeydays trip

for us, our honeydays (a.k.a honeymoon) was not only about romantic moment nor vacation. it was also a moment to escape from all pressures we got during the wedding preparation (and also the tension of our works/thesis). it’s a BIG relieved feeling.

we went to several places in thailand, including phuket, phi phi island, chiang mai and bangkok. a 10 days amazing trip from the beach to the mountain and ended up in the city.

a BIG BIG BIG THANK (font: arial, size 72, control u) to KUBUGIL friends for providing return ticket for us *group hugs* and also to our best friends in thailand: pong, mamih nike, yurdi, andi and tomi for becoming the nicest and friendliest host ever for both of us. it was great, guys. we love you *nangis sesegukan*.

us and our private beach in phi phi island. beautiful, isn’t it?

one beautiful spot in phi phi island. breathtaking..

maya bay, the location for some scenes in BEACH the movie. it’s too crowded.. we could not enjoy the beach at all.

long tail boats in phi phi island.

one of temples in chiang mai

dragon, the guardian of temples in chiang mai.

we’re lucky.. we arrived on sunday and they have a weekly event.. sunday walking street market. great!

we also joined thai cooking class in chiang mai. a nice way to spend your honeymoon, eh? we love it!

with our lovely friend, pong. she’s a great host. we love her very much.

bangkok from top. in this city we spent our times to meet and to hang out with some good friends.

our amazing hosts in bangkok. thank you guys for your hospitality. tomi, andi, nike and yurdi.

with edo who treated us with delicious chili curry crab in somboon restaurant. yummy!!

ps: some other pics are uploaded in our facebook account. we’re sorry for those who decided not to have any facebook account. 😛