the episode of first home

just one day after we went back from the honeydays, we moved to a little place in central jakarta. never thought that we would enjoy living in jakarta, we chose the place for practical reason. but surprise, surprise, we liked it! (but maybe it’s because we’re in it together. hihi.)

we developed rituals in no time. coffee and breakfast in the morning, watching the traffic from our balcony at dusk, seriously working without talking at the same desk (when mbul worked at home), and cooking in the evening.

oh, how we love cooking. we bought some basic cooking utilities and tried some recipes. we even invited some friends over to have dinner. our record was providing meals for fourteen guests at one time. it was an achievement, we thought, since no one complained about anything *grin*.

sadly, the episode of living in jakarta has ended for now. but wherever we’ll live after this, we’re sure we’re gonna love it, and we’ll cook and cook until we become masterchefs couple.